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Lifting sling simulation – Safety Hook

Sling training solution and risk prevention in the lifting sector in virtual reality.


Come in VR has developed a virtual reality training solution dedicated to “Safety Hook” slinging. This immersive experience allows the learner to:

Identify faults in lifting accessories,

To check the maximum working load (WLL) of each one,

To achieve a load adequacy with different lifting accessories,

To locate the center of gravity on realistic loads with different and varied shapes,

To create a complete sling,

To be able to make a mistake without taking any risk for himself and his entourage,

Quickly memorise best practices, develop reflexes and learn safely while still being immersed in real-life working conditions.

For who ?

  • Training organizations
  • Apprentices’ training centre
  • Vocational high schools
  • Preventers
  • Companies: construction, shipyards, warehouses, industrial companies

Certificate :
Nominative certificate of achievement transmitted at the end of the course

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