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Come in VR videos

General training videos

VR simulator training
The training process with a VR simulator
CIVR – COVID TRAINING – Introduction

Videos : Early years training

Introducing the simulation “Through Lìa’s eyes” for LUZCARE by COME IN-VR
Introducing the LUZCARE early childhood simulation by COME IN VR
VR educational content for childcare training

Videos : Logistics training

CIVR – Risk Assessment – Teaser – 540p
Introducing FL1 Cat3 berthing on a PC
VR SIMULATOR : FL1 EASY for training
CiVR – FL1 Cat3 – XP1 GO – Integral
CiVR – FL1 Category 3 – XP1 Stage 1
CiVR – FL1 Category 3 – XP2
CiVR – FL1 Category 3 – XP3

Come in VR webinars

Webinar from 20th May 2021

HR ONBOARDING – A key recruitment stage for sectors experiencing shortages


How can immersive education become a communication tool ?


How to reduce forklift truck accidents ?


Virtual reality training reform

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