Immersive overhead crane training


SAFETY CRANE - Training solution for driving an overhead crane and risk prevention in the lifting sector in virtual reality

Lifting accidents with bridge cranes, gantries or gallows represent a large number of accidents. The main causes of accidents are : a drop in the load and the crushing of a victim. These causes are linked to poor slinging, inappropriate driving or mechanical failure.

To avoid these accidents, which are still too numerous, users must be made aware of the existing risks and trained on a regular basis. The best prevention is training ! Safety awareness days are also useful in order to keep in mind good practices and applicable regulations.

Questions to ask yourself in order to face the challenges related to training in the use of an overhead crane :

  • Are you sure your employees know how to operate an overhead crane safely ?
  • Are your employees aware of the risks associated with lifting ?
  • Do you want an objective way to monitor their skills ?
  • How do you measure the skills of newcomers ?
  • Do you need to reassure your employees and reassure them that they are in control of the overhead crane ?
  • Do you want to test their usual practice and ensure their safety ?

Come in VR has developed a virtual reality training solution dedicated to crane maneuvering.

This immersion experience allows :

  • To be able to make mistakes without taking any risk for the user and those around him.
  • Secure the workspace and become aware of the risks
  • To give the right to error
  • To have the time to apply to improve your precision
  • To hide downtime in continuous training

This experience can be used in: initial training or retraining, assessment of pre-requisites, recruitment, refresher course, safety day, etc.

The advantages of the VR solution for crane training

Overhead crane training with virtual reality technology has many advantages. It allows training centers or companies to use adequate and appropriate equipment without mobilizing production space and real machinery. The Safety Crane solution complies with the CACES R 484 Category 1 recommendation – ground control bridge. With virtual reality, the learner is free from risks and can repeat the action, work on their skill and be made aware of the risks of the environment without being in physical danger.


Lets you learn the maneuvers and best practices of a bridge, thanks to test & learn.


No need to monopolize the training space. Available anytime and anywhere.


Interactive tool to make training more attractive and less boring.

Train bridge operators in a fun way with immersive learning

This overhead crane training experience enables compliance with safety and maneuvering rules. Quickly memorise best practices, develop reflexes and learn safely while still being immersed in real-life working conditions.

Through 5 experiences:

Discovery of the different types of bridges and use of the command

Obstacle course

Control the swinging load

Obsacle course with a load

Hunting for riks

With virtual reality, the learner is free from risks and can repeat the action, work on their skill and be made aware of the risks of the environment without being in physical danger.

Remote control connected to the virtual reality module – SAFETY CRANE.

The goal was to make the immersion even more realistic, replacing the Oculus controllers with a real bridge control, a “buttonhole”.

Every movement of the bridge is controlled by remote control. The learner finds the tactile sensations that he will use on his future workstation. This will allow it to be operational more quickly.

  • Without connection
  • Wireless
  • Without computer

Compatible use


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Who are our virtual reality overhead crane training tools for ?

Training organisation

You train trainees for your clients and want to reduce downtime and increase interactivity during your training

Company & Industry

You want to reduce work accidents and prevent risks by raising awareness among your employees using innovative tools

School and apprentice training center

You are training young apprentices, you want to modernize your training and attract their attention with appropriate tools

The benefits virtual reality training

Companies can get a real return on investment.

Firstly, by recreating environments and situations that are hard to recreate in real life and are often costly in terms of equipment.

The programme is replicable, there are no limits to how many times it can be used for large-scale training sessions.

Performance can be measured and compared objectively among learners.

Have a project in mind ? Do you want information about our overhead crane lifting training solution ?

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