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Our Director’s view

We believe human diversity to be our greatest strength when it comes to exceeding expectations and achieving a common goal. So, we strive to ensure every individual can express that diversity freely. We do this by boldly reinventing training and professional development through immersive education.

David Delaunay

CEO and Educational Director
David DELAUNAY Come in VR

Come In VR was founded

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Come in VR from inception to creation

The Team


Founded in 2017, Come in VR was set up in Martigues in France by DAVID DELAUNAY. As the co-director of a training organisation since 2010, his educational expertise drove him to focus on optimising training time for apprentices and developing their skills. The arrival of a connected generation forces us to review current education methods.
So, David Delaunay spent 3 years researching and discovering innovative educational solutionsthat were more effective for employers and more attractive to apprentices.

The first forklift truck driving simulator FL1 was the result of technological development combining education and virtual reality. Human diversity encourages us to observe all sectors of activity, in particular childhood, highlighting relationships with one another and the study of behaviours. This is how we came to specialise in developing immersive educational content.

Our design office, our research and development centre and our service office are all located in France.

Whatever your industry, we can help you, by putting our design office, to work to create a solution that meets your skill acquisition requirements.

Meet our team


CEO and Educational DirectorDavid Delaunay


Project ManagerHervé Langlois


Business DeveloperNatacha Freneaux


Developer and R&D managerMehdi Boukhris


3D engineerFlorian Levreau


Marketing ManagerSarah Chaniet

Maïté Lajournade

Full stack developerMaïté Lajournade


Business developer juniorAniss Slimani

Our values

No restrictions, no limits, we achieve more because everything is allowed. Each person can express their potential freely, something we ensure we do ourselves, and in this way, we create new, high-performance educational tools.

Daring is what leads to humankind’s greatest advances. Changing habits requires the courage to question what everyone else takes as a given. We dare to evolve the ingrained habits of education.

There are various sources of motivation that drive us to constantly strive for more. But there is one thing that transcends all people, pleasure. When pleasure takes over, erasing pain and anxiety, that’s when we truly excel. So, we cultivate the art of pleasure in everything we do.

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