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Create memorable experiences with 360° video

360° video is an immersive virtual reality-style video that’s taking over from standard video. What happens is that the person is totally submerged in the video and has the impression that they are really there.

Come in VR gives life to your 360° video projects, for any kind of requirement : Human resources, site visits, onboarding (integration), training, tutorials, new roles, education and more. An excellent educational tool !

To create high impact with users, it can also include custom interactive content : messages, alerts, quizzes, etc. Your video comes to life, and is available at any time, anywhere, while offering a memorable experience.

Are you ready to create impact ? Our experts are here to offer a breathtaking immersive video experience.

The benefits of setting up a 360° video

With 360° video, each step is carefully explained, which makes for a faster integration process, less time spent training on site and a reduction in costs.

Save time

Save time by reducing turnover and the integration of new recruits

Cost reduction

A reduction in integration costs linked to travel costs


Temporary workers find out about the profession and the role in advance

Teach, instruct and integrate with 360° video

360° video can be used for many different tasks, the only limit is your imagination.

Today it can be used to teach, explain, integrate and inform. Users are fully immersed in the experience and engaged from start to finish. Images are real and feature real members of staff.

Here are a few ways it can be used

Management and validation of skills

Onboarding, integration of new staff or temporary workers

Site visit or company tour

Respecting rules, signs and protocols in place

Tutorials for example, using a machine

Finding out more about a role task or profession

Compatible use

VR compatible tools

Who is the immersive 360° video for ?

Training organisation

You train trainees for your clients and want to reduce downtime and increase interactivity during your training


You want to take a tour of your company or factory with immersive interaction points

HR & Interim

You want to modernize the integration of your employees and reduce the time and costs related to onboarding with innovative tools

Customer feedback

Customer feedback Find out how our client, EGGER, integrates new employees with 360 ° video immersion technology.

In order to make integration fun, be able to pass important messages, visit the company upstream and all business positions, communicate safety rules and points of vigilance, convey company values and develop the employer brand.

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