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Breathe life into your company’s HR policy by hosting a safety day

Are you looking for an original presentation dedicated to teamwork,team building or even aimed at preventing risks at work ?

With a safety and security day, offer your staff immersion in a virtual reality world, for a unique experience either individually or as a team. Discover innovative educational tools for your sector, raise awareness of the risks linked to your activity, or enjoy a team building exercise.
We can offer a variety of fun workshops and educational content to suit your area of activity and the event objectives and make your security and safety day a success that everyone will remember !

Risk hunting

Logistics risk assessment

The “risks hunting in logistics warehouses” experience on the OCULUS QUEST headset to learn key safety habits

Pedestrian risks

Safety day events

The “Pedestrian risks” experience with the FL1 cat.3 forklift truck driving simulator, to better understand the role of forklift truck operator and reduce the number of accidents at work

Through Lìa’s eyes

Virtual reality nursery

The “Through Lìa’s eyes” experience to put yourself in the body of a 2-year-old child and understand her feelings about her environment and the behaviour of the adults

Bridge and slings

The “Safety Hook” and “Safety Crane” experience in virtual reality, make it possible to raise awareness and train in the handling of overhead cranes and the practice of slinging.

The board

“The Board” experience to test your limits with height as you stand on a board floating above an empty space

  • Expose your teams to real work situations that are impossible to reproduce in standard training sessions.
  • We give you the opportunity to see how much your teams enjoy the equipment during an event day, raising awareness with new tools.
  • Quickly pick relevant tools to match your budget and constraints while still adding value to your company.
  • Come In VR offers innovative, immersive educational solutions to pass on positive messages to your employees. With our technologies you can show your employees that you are at the forefront of innovation and a leader in your field.
  • All our solutions are designed to limit turnover, increase employee motivation and make recruiting, welcoming and onboarding new employees easier.

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Organise a Safety Day

Excelling, dealing with anxiety, encouraging one another through trials that defy reality, our applications are designed to improve team cohesion.

In an instant you’re transported to your colleague’s work station. Feel, and understand their constraints and you’ll never look at your work the same way again. Risk prevention is a necessity for any company. Understanding the risks, feeling that danger from within is an effective, efficient prevention technique.
The headset experience is projected onto a TV screen or via a video projector. The whole team can share in this unique moment of emotions and learn from it.
A challenge could be organised with a reward for the top achiever.

You choose the format that suits you

Our safety day presentation can be adapted to fit any space and any type of event.

Our experts can present your workshop or you can do it yourself, depending on the type of activity chosen.

We’ve selected the best technology on the market for you and it’s easy to use : the OCULUS QUEST HEADSET.
Our animations are available on simulators, on autonomous headsets and also on tablets or computers.

Training use

Testimonial from HEINEKEN

« We used Come In VR for our Start Up day in April 2019. We organised this day along with France BOISSONS for staff at our head office, to raise awareness of the innovations in our field. The FL1 forklift truck driving simulator virtual reality workshop was a great success. Especially with novice forklift truck operators (90% of people) who were able to experience how it feels and the risks associated with the profession.” ”I didn’t realise how little a forklift truck driver sees”. That says it all ! Pedestrians got it: even if they have the right of way, they still need to be vigilant. They must, above all, respect the signalling rules. An operator has many blind sports when driving a forklift truck. The challenge helped to reinforce team spirit, enhanced by the fact that this was the first time they had taken part in an immersive virtual reality experience.

In fact, we also recommended Come-In-VR to our brewery in Schiltigheim: they hired the mobile FL1 for an event on forklift truck risk awareness and prevention for their employees. »

Grégory Jammet, POS Project Manager at HEINEKEN Entreprise in Paris

Do you want to create a fun, original TEAM-BUILDING day the way HEINEKEN does ?

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