We create unique immersive educational content

Why a design office ?

We design and create immersive educational solutions. Rather than simply providing solutions we advise our clients and meet their demands with practical answers.
As current expectations within companies are increasingly detailed and personal, our aim is to support you throughout the project, from the idea through to design and realisation.
We analyse your situation in detail, taking into account the characteristics of the profession and aims of the programme considering your industry and particular challenges, then we offer existing solutions from our catalogue or build a project together, offering a custom solution to match your budget.
By constantly keeping abreast of market changes, we ensure we develop strong, dynamic answers utilising all our expertise and skills.

Off-the-shelf solutions

We have developed professional solutions that are ready to use immediately. These solutions have proven their value with thousands of users. We have improved them over time to ensure you get the solution and tools that meet your needs and the technical and regulatory developments within your industry.

Co-building a project

The design office will analyse your needs and offer a custom solution. Once that is done, you can opt to entrust us with your project to develop and launch the solution. Get a new custom solution created to meet your exact requirements.

Analysis of immersive educational needs

There are a wide variety of industries in need of training solutions with diverse operational expectations. So, we work hard to figure out what will bring the most value to you and in doing so, the best solution for your specific issue.

We pay particular attention to thecharacteristics of the profession, the goals to achieve, previous problems encountered and financial and human means.

As a design office, we select a solution and define a custom action plan to meet your needs.

We’ll provide you with a detailed, transparent proposition in person.

Co-building an immersive educational project

We adopt a collaborative, inclusive attitude with our clients.

Our team will support you throughout the process by putting into place trustworthy tools.

They’ll also offer advice and support to assist with promoting your new tools.

Lastly, Come In VR will install your new innovative solution within your offices and offer you full training and a handover to ensure everything is working properly and you know how to use it effectively.

Incremental statistical usage data on our simulators will allow you to track this information and use it to prove your learners’ progression in skill levels. These statistics are always available.

Take advantage of our free, no-commitment pre-study offer to find out how immersive education will advance your company.

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