Take a look at our FAQ regarding the training and solutions we offer using virtual reality and immersion technologies.

What is immersive education or immersive learning?

Virtual reality is a gateway to an immersive world. There are several ways to use VR to the best of its capabilities. Companies also use this technology to add a new dimension to a event of any kind. 

Immersive learning simply means using virtual reality animated devices for educational purposes. Unlike standard teaching techniques, this awakens a thirst for knowledge in the learner…

The benefits of immersive learning : This approach captures people’s attention much more easily. The training is delivered in a fun way so learners are unlikely to be bored. In fact, they really enjoy learning and discovering virtual reality. So, this technology helps trainers get increased engagement from their audience. Indeed, you might not always even need a trainer. What’s more, training with this type of content means learners can go from theory to practice immediately. Learners are plunged into a specific situation so they can experiment with what they’ve just learned. This process offers a means to enrich learning and improve employee performance with ease.

What is virtual reality ?

This oxymoron “virtual reality” was introduced in the United States in the 1980s by Jaron Lanier (Co-founder of VPL Research, a company dedicated to the research and commercialisation of virtual reality technologies). With this term we mean all of the  techniques and systems that give people the feeling of entering into a synthetic world, of diving into a consuming virtual world where they can look and move around and interact.

This technology is particularly useful in training. As the learner is immersed in a completely synthetic world, we can create all sorts of scenarios particularly those that are impossible to reproduce in reality. A breakdown, accident, attack, behaviours, etc. or even go inside a machine to understand how it works.

What is augmented reality ?

Augmented reality designates all interactions between a real situation and virtual elements like 3D, 2D images or geolocation. This interaction is made possible via a device.

There are several techniques for creating augmented reality. It consists of building a representation that overlaps the real world. To do that we use geographic coordinates to enable localisation. So, GPS data is used and this must be combined with elements that determine the direction of vision. The augmented reality software is able to determine where their user is and what direction they are looking in. Augmented reality applications can analyse video flow or elements of the human body, the hands or all limbs.

This technology is particularly useful in industrial maintenance, production and even medicine. We use it in situ, particularly when we need to help the operator remotely.

What is 360° video ?

360° video is a way of capturing images created with cameras that have a view over all dimensions of the space.
This video can be used on a standard screen (tablet, computer, smartphone), so you can progress within an environment by moving your finger on the screen.
By integrating this video in a virtual reality headset, a simple movement of the head allows you to benefit from the full environment.

We can create text or voice inserts to guide or train the apprentice.
The advantage of this technology is that it immerses the individual in an environment reproducing reality exactly.

The limit of this technology is that the learner cannot modify or interact with the environment.
This technology is particularly useful for welcoming new arrivals on sites, marketing, virtual tours, tutorials, etc.

What is MR: Mixed Reality ?

This term designates a hybrid technology integrating virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.
It means inserting synthetic 3D (virtual) images into a real, instantly viewed environment.

What immersive techniques can be used in my company ?

Current techniques open new perspectives and we haven’t yet seen their limits.
It’s important to define your goals, what you want to measure, optimise or make people feel. Then we’ll choose the most suitable technology and allow for the best return on investment.

Do I have to buy the equipment ?

We offer the right equipment for your immersive solution: Oculus VR headset, simulators, etc

You can buy it, but we can also supply it for you, they are included in our packages. If you go with the latter, we recommend a maintenance contract so you can rest easy when it comes to optimal usage.

What technologies do you use most at COME IN VR ?

In particular we use virtual reality and 360° video. They are very effective educational technologies offering excellent return on investment.
Augmented reality is still today rather hard work to put into practice and requires an Internet connection.
Mixed reality is undoubtedly the technology that will experience the greatest boom in the months to come.

Our research and development team never stop enhancing their skills to offer you the best innovations to meet your needs and the technological challenges of the future.

Is an FL1 simulator robust ?

Our FL1 simulators are designed with top-of-the-range materials.
The chamber is built in Istres by a specialist company who build aeronautical simulators.
The machine controls are directly supplied by the builder.
The wheel, pedal, computer and VR headset are standard products that are widely tested.
So, our simulator can be used by anyone.

Do I need IT skills to use a simulator ?

Our simulators are designed with easy-to-use interfaces. The FL1 for example, features touchscreen operation. A trainer can use it in the standard version or configure it to suit their needs, using cursors.

Our team supplies user guides and are on hand to train you effectively.

How do I integrate a simulator into my training process ?

If you don’t want to see your simulator gathering cobwebs in a corner, then this question should be asked right at the beginning of your project study. We’ll help you consider this to ensure your simulator is well used by everyone.

We analyse the flow of apprentices, information and the means already present. There is no standard answer. A training solution can be installed permanently in one spot or remain mobile. It may require a trainer to be present or not.
Each case is unique.

Our design office is there to help and advise you on the best solution to meet your challenges, budget and goals.

Does COME IN VR develop modules for e-learning ?

Yes ! We can digitise your existing content or create content with you so that it can be used on an LMS platform (Learning Management System).

We can also host your digitised training centre on our e-learning platform. Which leaves you free to focus on the teaching.

How much does it cost to custom develop an innovative training solution ?

Investing in an innovative training solution is a comprise between the goal to achieve and the return on investment. We take all this into account when we carry out a study for your project.

The advantage of our technologies is that they are scalable. We encourage you to start with a small project, bring it to life and then we can scale it according to your needs.
Often new needs, that weren’t even dreamt of in the ideas phase appear during learning.

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