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The FL1 Easy

forklift simulator

The FL1 virtual reality forklift simulator offers 7 experiences based on the CACES repository, in order to make your training sessions efficient and profitable.

The forklift simulator is available: for purchase or for leasing.

If you want a precise quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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FL1: Virtual reality forklift driving mobile simulator

Evaluate the prerequisites of interns and newcomers
Create risky situations that cannot be reproduced in reality
Individualize the educational path
Promote the maintenance of skills of your employees
Make pedestrians aware of the risks of forklift traffic

The experiences included :

Position taking
Simple circulation without load
Circulation with long or bulky loads
Stacking / unstacking in stack
Side loading of a truck
Driving on a slope
Loading unloading

Several modes depending on level :

IA mode: Pedestrian circulation and other forklifts
Beginner mode: Instructions with visual assistance
Confirmed mode: Lockout without assistance

Evaluation of the intern’s performance

Trainee by the trainer of the trainee’s experience level
Restitution of its pedagogical evolution
Objective rating of its evolution
Intuitive setup
Individualization of training

Description technique

  • Simulateur pédagogique de conduite de chariot élévateur < 3,5 T (Mât frontal / R 489 CAT 3)
  • Alimentation électrique : prise de courant 230 V
  • Déplacement : manuel sur 2 roulettes
  • Wifi : nécessaire seulement pour les mises à jour
  • Emprise au sol : 3 m²
  • PC MSI Trident
  • Processeur Intel Core i7 – 8700 (6 coeurs, 12 Mo de mémoire cache, 3,2GHz jusqu’à 4,6 GHz)
  • Mémoire RAM de 16Go (8Go x2) DDR4 2400MHz
  • Disque SDD de 512 Go
  • Carte graphique NVIDIA GTX 1060 Aero ITX de 6 Go GDDR5
  • Logiciel : UNITY
  • Ecran Tactile
  • Casque OCULUS RIFT S
  • Tracking des mains avec procédé Leap Motion
  • Commandes Joystick chariot élévateur FENWICK H35
  • Pédalier Logitech
  • Volant Logitech


Mise en place du simulateur FL1 Easy, en un tour de main !

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